“As leaders we give so much to others, and yet we lead such chaotic lives ourselves. Imagine living a fulfilling, joyful life – all while being even more successful.”

-R. Michael Anderson


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Soul-Centered Leadership 

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Michael has a unique, results driven approach to unlocking the new you. He challenges paradigms that exist inside everyone that inhibit performance and helps you to not only identify them, but manage them into strengths. Donald McGurk

CEO, Codan Limited

Learn how to THRIVE by Embracing the Positive

Have you ever thought “there has to be a better way?

Because when you look at all the stress and pressure in your life, and those around you, it’s tough.

The good news is there is a better way.

Based on proven psychological principles, you can learn tools to manage people and organizations to new levels of success – all while elevating the lives of everyone around you –and most importantly, your own.

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There’s only one person in the world who is bringing principles of Spiritual Psychology to the business world like this.


Michael Anderson at a glance

The creator of The Executive JOY Institute, R. Michael Anderson has a unique background;

  • Founder of three international software companies
  • Former European basketball player (and super tall guy!)
  • MBA and Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology
  • Entrepreneur.com Contributor & Radio Show Host
  • Bestselling author of The Experiment
  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year – San Diego (2013)
  • Board President – Conscious Capitalism San Diego (2015)


Our Mission

To raise the consciousness of the world by elevating leaders through uplifting, impactful programs.


Our programs are delivered as keynote speaking, training, and coaching, and focus on the following;

Organizations – Learn how to drive better results and become a market leader through conscious business practices. (read more)

Leaders – Unlock the natural potential within your people, giving them the tools, confidence, and education to have consistently meet and exceed their objectives. (read more)

Individuals / Employees – Learn easy-to-use tools based on psychological principles that increase productivity, efficiency, and results, all while reducing stress and creating a balanced, joyful, fulfilled life. (read more)

Keynote Speaking – R. Michael Anderson

Michael is warm, inventive and personable, who is not afraid to be real. You will discover he has done the work and navigated the highs and lows in life. He will boldly lead you to your blocks and empower you to smash down walls that keep you from being the greatest version of yourself.

Gail Glastonbury

Owner/Founder , Radiant Life Centre

[Trip#3] What the Psychic Told Me

Buckle your seatbelts for this one friends. Since my trip is about self-discovery, I am looking for every opportunity to learn and grow. So I volunteered to be “read” by the Psychic Katy Bray on herpodcast. I suggest to listening here first (my interview starts at 5:30 in), though if you don’t have time, you can read ahead and I can tell you what I learned. Here are my three lessons: Perspective is Everything Katy started out by telling me that the reason I have never felt settled in San Diego is because I was there not for me, but for San Diego’s sake, it put everything into place. It gave me a deep sense of relief and understanding.   I had in the back of my mind “what’s wrong with me? Why am I leaving somewhere that I’ve had success in, and have a great network of powerful people?” Though when she told me that my work here is done, that San Diego got what it needed from me, and that the next step is for myself, it made everything OK. It gave me the reason why I’ve been so unsettled. Nothing changed – except how I look at the situation. Now I am on my way in peace. I Don’t Have to Fully Believe to Participate I personally know Katy and her partner Zeb, and we are friends. Though to be totally honest, I can’t say I 100% believe in all the psychic stuff. I’ve told her that, and she said “that’s cool. Just go with it.” At times when she’s reading me, even during the podcast, I’m like is...

[Trip#2] Vulnerability – The Key That’s Hard to Turn

I’m blown away from the over 300 personal notes that people have sent in response to the last message about my trip. In fact, if you’ve sent me a personal reply and haven’t heard back yet, you will shortly. So many people – friends, old work contacts, people following me who I’ve never met – told me how much I touched them with my courage and vulnerability. And they in turn touched me. So thank you to everyone who e-mailed / replied / PM’ed / texted. My courage is easy to write about (“hey everyone, check it out, look what I did!”) My vulnerability; not so easy to share. Though that’s what people connected with. When I write something that shows me in a confused, indecisive, weak light, I think “people don’t need to hear that.” And I try to talk myself out of it. Then I get that anxiety. The one that says “it’s the truth, we don’t want to let anyone else know it.” But it’s that truth that makes me human. It makes you connect with me. The thing is, I don’t want to be seen as human! (at least my ego doesn’t anyway.) I want to be seen as this awesome, perfect, always strong man. I can do a good job putting up that front. Though we all know, on some level, that it isn’t the whole truth. The truth is that I get scared, doubt my own decisions, get lonely. Do stupid stuff for no reason. Then act like it’s all under control. But it’s not. And my life-long lesson is being OK with that. Right...

My New Journey. What in the world am I doing.

Every few minutes I ask myself what in the world am I doing. What is a 45 year old guy doing, putting all of his stuff in storage, and going on the road. Am I crazy? Am I running from something? What am I trying to find? Right now the movers are here, and it’s “real.” All of the talk and planning was causing anxiety – though now it’s happening. If you’re reading this, you probably know at least something about me. I’ve done pretty well for myself; started three software companies, became a fairly well known entrepreneur in the San Diego area, and after earning a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology, transitioned into an educator; author, teacher, speaker. I could very well be described as an upper-middle class white-collar guy. Though why in the world would I be putting all of my belongings in self-storage, packing up my car, and leaving the city that’s been my home for the past 15 years? Leaving all my friends and network, and just leaving? What’s really crazy is I’m not sure where I’m going. First, I am going to spend time with my family in Texas. My mom battled cancer and won, but there’s still work to be done. Her and my little sister, who lives in my mom’s house, along with her five kids and husband, really could use support right now. That may be a short period of time, or a very long period of time. They live in rural Texas, which, while they love it, really isn’t somewhere I can’t see myself settling. So when we get some...