“As leaders we give so much to others, and yet we lead such chaotic lives ourselves. Imagine living a fulfilling, joyful life – all while being even more successful.”

-R. Michael Anderson


Coming January 2017

Soul-Centered Leadership 

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Michael has a unique, results driven approach to unlocking the new you. He challenges paradigms that exist inside everyone that inhibit performance and helps you to not only identify them, but manage them into strengths. Donald McGurk

CEO, Codan Limited

Learn how to THRIVE by Embracing the Positive

Have you ever thought “there has to be a better way?

Because when you look at all the stress and pressure in your life, and those around you, it’s tough.

The good news is there is a better way.

Based on proven psychological principles, you can learn tools to manage people and organizations to new levels of success – all while elevating the lives of everyone around you –and most importantly, your own.

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There’s only one person in the world who is bringing principles of Spiritual Psychology to the business world like this.


Michael Anderson at a glance

The creator of The Executive JOY Institute, R. Michael Anderson has a unique background;

  • Founder of three international software companies
  • Former European basketball player (and super tall guy!)
  • MBA and Master’s Degree in Spiritual Psychology
  • Entrepreneur.com Contributor & Radio Show Host
  • Bestselling author of The Experiment
  • Social Entrepreneur of the Year – San Diego (2013)
  • Board President – Conscious Capitalism San Diego (2015)


Our Mission

To raise the consciousness of the world by elevating leaders through uplifting, impactful programs.


Our programs are delivered as keynote speaking, training, and coaching, and focus on the following;

Organizations – Learn how to drive better results and become a market leader through conscious business practices. (read more)

Leaders – Unlock the natural potential within your people, giving them the tools, confidence, and education to have consistently meet and exceed their objectives. (read more)

Individuals / Employees – Learn easy-to-use tools based on psychological principles that increase productivity, efficiency, and results, all while reducing stress and creating a balanced, joyful, fulfilled life. (read more)

Keynote Speaking – R. Michael Anderson

Michael is warm, inventive and personable, who is not afraid to be real. You will discover he has done the work and navigated the highs and lows in life. He will boldly lead you to your blocks and empower you to smash down walls that keep you from being the greatest version of yourself.

Gail Glastonbury

Owner/Founder , Radiant Life Centre

A leader does not have to be perfect but has to know how to motivate employees

What is important in the entrepreneurship of the 21st century, and how to hire employees who will build a global company with you? These and other key questions for all of those who intend to start a business, or have already done so, were discussed by Russel Dalgeish from Scotland and Michael Anderson from California, based on their experience, and within the Leadership tour organized by the Croatian Office for Creativity and Innovation. A lecture about the new age of leadership was held yesterday in Westin hotel in Zagreb, where Russel Dalgeish from Scotland and Michael Anderson from California shared their experiences from the modern business world. After Zagreb, where they had the audience of some 40 interested young and older (potential) entrepreneurs, Russel and Michael will visit Ljubljana, Rijeka, and Belgrade these following days, as a part of the Leadership tour. Let’s see what was discussed in Zagreb. There has never been a better time for entrepreneurship Russel is a serial entrepreneur, investor, innovator and business advisor, and in his presentation, he highlighted that there has never been a better time for starting the business than today. Modern technologies, namely, enable cheap travel and free communication with anyone in the world, which makes expansion of business strategy and global success of any company in any country significantly easier. In entrepreneurship of the 21st century the most important thing is to use the opportunities offered, and in that sense, first and foremost, are of importance social networks so that the offer can be communicated to the users, Russel thinks. He takes Twitter as an example since he considers it...

Exploring Forward-Thinking Workplaces™ with Michael Anderson

Welcome to our interview with Michael Anderson. Michael is an Educator, Speaker, Author, Expert, and his new book Soul-Centered Leadership is a guide for conscious business people who are ready to lead and create through and with their higher power. Welcome Michael, and thank you for contributing to the questions that are at the heart of Container13. How can we create workplaces where more voices matter, people thrive & find meaning, and change & innovation happen naturally? Let’s look at the workplace and figure out why that’s not happening because I think when we are at our most centered self—emotionally, mentally and spiritually healthiest—those things do happen. I studied spiritual psychology, and what we do when we find things aren’t working the way we want it to, we look into the reason why and take that out. I think our nature is to be like that. To me,  evolution is getting rid all the things in the way of our most conscious and our being the healthiest we can be. What does it take to get an employee’s full attention and best performance? I teach leadership and I don’t think we can get an engaged performing employee unless we as leaders show up like that as well. I’ll give you a real life example. I was facilitating a strategic retreat with a CEO’s executive team. During the first hour of the retreat, they shared their company information and values with me. One of their values was Tight. I asked the CEO, “What do you mean by Tight?” He said, “That means everybody shows up engaged, proactive, on-time, everybody’s got their work ready....

A real leader takes responsibility for both success and failures

Michael Anderson is the founder of the Executive Joy Institute, a company specialized in teaching and educating organizations, leaders, and individuals, with the goal of increasing their levels of success by acquiring knowledge in psychology and emotional intelligence. He has taught leaders around the world, from Panama to the Philippines to Australia and Mexico, and he has worked with numerous corporations, including Microsoft, SAP, Stanford University, Vistage… During his career he founded three international software companies, he is a contributor at Entrepreneur.com, and his book „The Experiment“ has become a bestseller on Amazon in the area of business consulting about leadership and creativity. He has been chosen as the Social Entrepreneur of the Year in San Diego in 2013. As a part of his project Leadership Tour, Anderson will give a lecture in Zagreb on October 3, and in Rijeka on October 5. When asked about the qualities a leader should possess nowadays, he lists authenticity before all else. „Simply said, a leader has to be himself. When you behave in a way that is not natural to you, you lose a part of your personality. Another quality a leader has to have is the ability to tell the truth. Namely, when everything is right and a team/company/corporation achieves desired results, it is easy to be honest. But, when there are challenging times in a team, or when changes happen in the company, or on the market, one should be strong enough and tell the truth. A leader takes responsibility for both success and failures. Team members will know how to appreciate his effort and engagement during hard times,...